Fabulous Photography for Instagram: Dreamy Backlit Scenes

    I am super excited to announce my new Skillshare class today! I know many of you have been asking how I take my dreamy backlit scenes. Here it is in a class, all the tools you will need in a 20-minute video!

    It is available for free for the first 25 persons who go on over and grab it!!

    Fabulous Photography for Instagram: Dreamy Backlit Scenes

    Head on over and watch my intro video, then click ‘enroll’ to grab the class. There is absolutely no obligation¬†and the class is yours just by clicking on the link.

    It actually helps me if you do, because my class will trend on Skillshare after 25 persons enroll in the class.

    Click here

    ‘Fabulous Photography for Instagram: Dreamy Backlit Scenes’

    Thank you so much, friends! You are completely awesome!!

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