Olde World photo recipes

Photo recipes and photo textures with an olde world feel Every flower has it’s own personality. Each type of flower can present so differently in a photograph. Size, color, lighting, backdrop all play their part. I dedicated a Pinterest board named Flower Portraits to demonstrate the beauty of character that a single flower inherently displays. […]

The red couch effect

Decision making and creative process Walked into the Furniture Super Store with one thought in mind. We needed a couch. Not just any couch mind you, but a very specific couch, a light taupe couch/sectional, very comfortable, maybe a recliner at the end. Has to be cushy and soft, the kind you could lay around […]

Still in love with still life

Why am I still in love with still life? Because it’s not spring yet in Maine. Yup, still below 10 degrees at night. Snow is melting but ever so slowly. No sense in complaining. Just keep shooting still life. Cures the blues for sure!   Weekly stop at the local thrift shop. It’s a thing […]

Wanderlust expressed in dress

  Many of us aspire to be wanders. How romantic, the idea of traveling aimlessly, road tripping around the world driven only by our lust for adventure. Wanderlust. With this image in mind,  Jessi Sader created her clothing line – FXDressed. Jessi began her fashion career in her teens, sewing her way to Grateful Dead […]