Hats on chairs still life, 3 ways

Have I told the tale of black flies in Maine. No?  Well, let me tell you! Just when you think you can finally get outside to shoot some of those lovely prompts, just when the weather is getting a bit warm and sunny, just when you are dying to get out and garden…the black flies […]

Magnolia obsession

Out front in the procession of blossoms and blooms heralding spring are the magnolia trees. When everything else is still wiping the sleep from it’s eyes, these showy beauties are bright eyed and bushy tailed, encouraging everyone else to wake up. They seem to glow florescent against the clear blue sky and evergreen backdrop. Perhaps […]

Photographic style

Every three months I like to assess my creative goals. Is the path I have taken one that I still want to be on or does a new course need to be set. Is my vision clear or have my needs/energy/passion for the project changed? This last few months my head has been spinning! So […]

Studio prompt: Potting bench

Potting bench from found materials Photo prompt in The Studio (Kim Klassen’s The Studio Online) is ‘potting bench.’ Way cool! Always wanted a potting bench. Now I have a reason to make one. For Friday Finds I found: The materials to make a potting bench: old screen door, old bookcase, random pieces of wood. Paint […]

Gertrude Jekyll garden design

Gertrude Jekyll – multitalented garden designer extraordinaire   “The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.” Gertrude Jekyll   Gertrude Jekyll; painter, illustrator, crafts person, writer, horticulturist and garden designer extraordinaire. This woman, most known for her cottage garden style, created more than four hundred gardens, wrote fifteen books and at […]