the sea lie still – holding on to a secret tension placed eerily atop it and then –¬† it moved                 fog silences the mind quiets the angst searches for what is barely seen       Photography projects – fog November, Rockland, Maine

Sultry nights sterling silver jewelry

New collection! Sultry nights sterling silver jewelry with vintage chain. Look at busy, busy me!!! Yet another collection. Just can’t help myself! Can’t you just imagine a long evening walk along the beach, the water is bath water warm, the sunset streaked with green, red, and purple, your skirt gently sways in the breeze…….   […]

Ripple effect sterling silver jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry with dark ox patina. I could not for the life of me decide what to call this dark ox sterling silver jewelry design. It reminded me of ripples in the water when you throw a stone or currents in the ocean as seen from a cliff. Let’s see…. currents, ocean, wave,… […]

November Snow

Monday, November 3, 2014. Fourteen inches of snow on the deck as I opened my front door. Awake early enough to catch that dreamy, surrealistic¬† light but I could not step out the door! Sometimes I love those weird, out of focus shots. This one tells all…. 14″ in November?? I am just dreaming?