By the sea, by the deep blue sea

The rhythm overtakes my conscious thought I am drawn, then held captive My heart slows to match it’s beat Ah, exhale Eyes close, I feel the pulse of the waves     Maine summer – both calming and exhilarating, a flurry of activity, some hurry at work so others can relax, cool, then warm, then […]

Cherries and smiles

Emotionally speaking I’ve been on a wild ride as of late. I am stuck behind the wheel of a rickety old car, the steering is off and the road is steep and winding. Any minute now I might careen off the edge of the cliff out of control. Well, it’s not that bad! But sometimes […]

Summer day, after the rain

As photographers we are constantly chasing the light. We get up before the birds, pop into the garden with our pajamas on, camera in hand. We tromp through woods long past sunset, looking for that last bit of glimmer peeking through the trees. And then, there’s atmosphere. After the rain, here in the hills just […]

A human touch -photo prompt

A human touch – photo prompt and editing It wasn’t a good day. Chilled, completely overcast, not ideal for the beach photo shoot I was hoping for. But the day was set aside to shoot some images for The Studio Online prompt – A human touch. Each prompt from The Studio has transformed my thinking […]