Seeing art in everyday life

“Art is a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities,”  states Wikipedia. Well said. Evidence of artistic design is in every aspect of our lives. Products of creativity surround us. Evidence of creative thought processes can be observed in our structures, our dress, our food, our written and spoken language. Our […]

Fog 2

Photography projects: Fog,  second post It is now necessary to finish posting the final shots from the fog photography project. The snow is once again howling outside and I am resolved that winter is upon us. What will it be this time? 10″, 14″, 2’? The trees are weighing in heavily only after a few […]


the sea lie still – holding on to a secret tension placed eerily atop it and then –  it moved                 fog silences the mind quiets the angst searches for what is barely seen       Photography projects – fog November, Rockland, Maine

Sultry nights sterling silver jewelry

New collection! Sultry nights sterling silver jewelry with vintage chain. Look at busy, busy me!!! Yet another collection. Just can’t help myself! Can’t you just imagine a long evening walk along the beach, the water is bath water warm, the sunset streaked with green, red, and purple, your skirt gently sways in the breeze…….   […]