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Artist Statement

Modern day still life photography is often connected with mindfulness, stillness, and playfulness. My own experience with the art form has led me to a place of emotional healing and growth. The creative process is such an amazing thing! Our very being compels us to create. It is the means by which we make sense of the world. Each creative endeavor or personal expression brings clarity and sight, revealing who we are, and who we were meant to be.

When we give ourselves permission to play, we begin to realize how essential it is for our well-being. The benefits are immeasurable! We become more productive overall, contentment is easier to find. Satisfied with our creative accomplishments, we go about daily living with more confidence, ease, and grace.
With this mindset, I go about creating art.


It is that place of dreams
Of thoughts unfold and desires unfold
Where imagination leads

Run, dance, leap! Through fields of realization!

~Karen Olson


Artist Bio:

Karen Olson - Still Life PhotographerKaren Olson is a photographer, writer, and still life stylist. Her still life photography has been published in several online sites and national magazines including Bangor Daily News and Bella Grace and Mingle. She writes an engaging blog entitled ‘Renuko Style,’ discussing creativity, exploring emotion, and offering photography tools and tutorials. Her blog was featured in Stampington Publications magazine ‘Artful Blogging.’ Her book, ‘Photo Therapy: Exploring Emotion with Photography,’ was recently released on Kindle and iBooks. Karen teaches still life photography online and at the Art Loft in Rockland, Maine.
Karen has been involved in the Midcoast Maine community arts scene for more than 20 years. She is operations director for The Art Loft, a community art space. Her work is currently available in several Maine galleries and online.

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