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Photography projects

  • Coastal Photo Shoot - Lifestyle Photography - Renuko Style

    Sea and Salty Air

    The air is so salty you can taste it on your tongue both pungent and sweet with the unmistakable odor…

  • Living with less - Renuko Style


    It’s only when we live without, we realize we have so much. I’m sure there are a few Pinterest quotes…

  • September stillness - still life photography - Renuko Style

    September stillness

    My brain is cooked, like slow simmered applesauce. We used to call it chicken mushy brain…when you’ve worked so hard…

  • Essence of summer - Renuko Style

    Essence of summer

    copper sands washing over painted blue toenails roses spilling head over heels down the hillside creamy white hydrangeas slowly donning…