Conceptual Photography - Maine Photographer - Karen Olson -
Drama – Conceptual Photography and Expressionist Painting
  Drama – Expressionist Painting and Conceptual Photography Below are several of the images from the third and final phase
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Renuko Style
Finding Inspiration
  Finding Inspiration – Determine color, style, and elements for your next artistic project In preparation for the last phase
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Bootstrap your small business - Bare bones essentials for a beautiful brand presence -
Bootstrap Your Small Business
Bootstrap Your Small Business Bare bones essentials for a beautiful online presence I continually hone it down, make every dollar
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Renuko Style
Creative Process – Bring your idea from concept to reality
    You can learn creative process Much has been written about fear and creativity, how to recognize it, how
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Just Begin - Renuko Style
Governed by the Seasons
I sit by the window, sun streaming in, brighter than before I sit by the window, coffee in hand, begging
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3 Step Action Play for Living a Creative Life - Renuko Style
The Second Guess – Turning creative fear into joy!
I stepped out of the cold into a warm and inviting entryway. A collection of colorful works decorated the walls
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Creative Photography - Recipe for creative flow - Renuko Style
Creative Photography – Recipe for Creative Flow
      “If you fall in love with the imagination, you understand that it is a free spirit, it
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Living with less - Renuko Style
It’s only when we live without, we realize we have so much. I’m sure there are a few Pinterest quotes
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Setting Intentions - Renuko Style
Setting Intentions – The Year Ahead
I’ve never been much of a planner. For most of my life, I preferred letting the days, months, and years unfold
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Coffee and Introverts - Renuko Style
Coffee and Introverts
I took off, out into the cold chill wind of Maine in November, the rain hitting my face like pellets,
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Abstract photography - Renuko Style
Somewhere between awake and dreaming
It is that place of dreams Of thoughts untold and desires unfold Where imagination leads Run and dance, leap! Through
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Finding Stillness - Kim Klassen Still life photography retreat - Renuko Style
Finding Stillness
Reflections on Kim Klassen’s ‘Finding Stillness’ still life photography retreat   Can you image it?! Fourteen women, working in the
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