Creativity Coaching - Realize your creative dreams - Renuko Style


Creativity Coaching – Personalized, one on one instruction, designed to jump-start your creative life, renew your passion, realize your dreams. Creativity coaching available by video conference, email, or in person.


I would love to help you design your own personal creative journey. Let’s work together to find an artistic process that makes your heart sing!

We will challenge your fears – the ones that keep you from creating and sharing your art with the world. We can set realistic goals and make a plan to achieve them. Together we can work on practical matters as well, such as designing your website, tackling social media, putting your best foot forward.

Creativity is just like any other important endeavor. It’s not so much about talent as it is about determination and desire. It’s about getting out those paints or that camera every week. It’s about pushing past the fear and embracing the tension. So what if there’s a strange queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach or an off-balance sensation in your head? All the better! It’s a sign you are about to break through! The intensity can be overwhelming … but just for a moment. The feeling quickly changes from fear to joy!


“Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to shrink and hide!” 
~ Donald Winnicott


Creativity Coaching - Realize your creative dreams - Renuko Style


Creativity Coaching - Realize your creative dreams - Renuko Style


Be assured – whatever your dreams, the desire of your heart – you can achieve it! I am here for you and with you!!


Feel free to email me with any questions. We can design a program suited to your needs. You might just need to chat for an hour or perhaps you would prefer a weekly session. We can work out a plan that is best for you.