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Thank you for taking my ‘Manage your own WordPress Website’ class and working with me to create your own site, it has been such a pleasure! Remember to take your time and be patient with yourself. I find taking a short walk or going out for a latte goes a long way in helping your brain focus on new skills. Creating a website is an artistic endeavor and requires a bit of time to learn. Hopefully, I have given you what you need to begin, but don’t be afraid to email with a question.

Below is a list of essential resources that will help you continue to learn and grow.

Learn Technology without Losing It – Free class with suggestions for keeping your cool while working on the computer. – for creating imagery and promotional text for your brand and posts. I find this essential for creating Pinterest graphics or text overlay. They also have great grids too. Free and easy to use. – for learning additional skills and strategies. Sign up for their blog to get the latest updates.

Creative Market  and Envato Market for quality themes and add-ons, also logos and stock images. Look here first to find a new theme for your website. Really talented individuals offer their work on these two sites.

Yoast Seo Plugin – for helping your site to get noticed. Make sure you upload this. Absolutely essential for SEO.

MailChimp – for managing your blog and newsletter subscription sign-ups. Free service to connect your blog to a mailing list and for sending newsletters.

Skillshare – for learning just about anything.

Dropbox – your place in the cloud for collecting, saving, and sharing files and images.

Trello – for organizing your brain. Using this app has changed my life. Highly recommended.

Get Organized Stay Productive – My free class, a complete tutorial for Dropbox, Trello, and Photo Transfer App.

Evernote – for collecting references, blog post notes, and links, syncs to your phone or any other device. Also good but I find I use Trello the most.

Grammarly – for making sure your words have power. Download the app on your laptop or pad. I will remind you to insert commas or when your tenses are a bit off.

Instagram – for hanging out with like-minded creatives. The best social media app and the most fun in my opinion.

Un Um – for scheduling and editing your Instagram posts. Takes the stress out of everyday posting.

Ulysses – for writing and editing your words. I have been using this app on my laptop. It’s great for writing your blog posts before you put them in WordPress. It allows to grab quotes and text from the web and converts them to plain text (words without the original size or configuration).


I am happy to continue working with you, either by video conference or a one on one class. I would love to help you design your own personal creative journey and am happy to offer Creativity Coaching. I am also available to help you write engaging blog posts and create an online brand presence.

Above all, relax, and enjoy the process of creating your own WordPress website!


Essential WordPress Resources - Renuko Style


Essential resources for your WordPress website - Renuko Style