Get OrganizedStay Productive - optimize your life -

Get Organized Stay Productive

Optimize your life with 3 essential productivity apps


You have ...

5000 images on your phone and want to save them all

200 files on your desktop and it takes forever to find the one you need

75 things to do this week but can't remember the most important

You know what it's like ...

creativity comes easy, organization, not so much. This step by step class will change all that.



Get OrganizedStay Productive - optimize your life -



Your files, your images, your brain!

Learn how to use 3 essential productivity apps in 40 minutes with this step by step guide for Dropbox, Trello, and Photo Transfer App. Get your files off your desktop and your pics off your phone. Organize your smartphone and laptop so you can find everything you need and transfer images easily from your phone to computer and back again.

With the help of this course, you can put your daily plans and boss ideas, links and notes,
all in one place and optimize your life once and for all.


Get OrganizedStay Productive - optimize your life -


Karen Olson - Creative Business Mentor - renukostyle.comGreeting friends! I’m Karen Olson, photographer and creative business mentor who loves to help artists and entrepreneurs navigate technology and craft their own brand presence on the web. I offer online classes and one on one mentoring in photography, WordPress, and computer skills specific to your needs. I want you to have all the tools to manage your own website and tell your story with amazing imagery. I am a patient and kind instructor that has worked with many individuals to do just that.

When you take my classes or work with me, you will learn the skills necessary to confidently move forward and tackle whatever technology hurdle you come across. Learning to advance your own brand gives you the confidence and boldness you need in society today.

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