Design Your Own Creative Journey

Creativity is just like any other important endeavor. It's not so much about talent as it is about determination and desire. It's about getting out those paints or that camera every week.  

It's about pushing past the fear and embracing the tension!

Start living a creative life - Renuko Style


Why live a creative life?

The benefits are immeasurable!

We become active instead of passive  

Much of what we normally do in the 21st century is passive. We absorb, watch, scroll, and ingest, and then sort and file it all away in our brain. Exhausting. On the other hand, productive, pleasurable work can have the opposite effect, it energizes us and moves us to action!  

We enjoy a feeling of accomplishment  

When we create something, we gain a positive and healthy sense of self-esteem. We also become better at problem-solving.  

We understand ourselves better  

By turning our attention to what lies within, we build a sense of meaning that allows us to tap into our deepest, innermost feelings and thoughts. 

 Start Living a Creative Life - Renuko Style

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 Start Living a Creative Life - Renuko Style