Lightroom catalogs and files – Reclaim your hard drive space

Lightroom catalogs and files - Reclaim your hard drive space -


Reclaim space on your hard drive – Back up your precious Lightroom files


It happened to me … sure did … my hard drive crashed. Then, a few months later, the external drive with all my pics from Europe decided it was not going to load again. Then, while trying to edit my images using the entire Creative Cloud suite, Photoshop kept sending up error messages … ‘I can’t do that – your scratch disk is full!!!’

Arghhhh! It was time to figure it all out, the storage, the backups. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN!

I made a video for you with my BACK IT UP 3 TIMES process using an external hard drive for all my Lightroom files.



The video below is the best I have come across to explain in detail how to move your Lightroom files. Simple, direct, easy.

Lightroom Quick Tips – Episode 75: Moving the Catalog & Library


This video is great for creating a new Lightroom catalog on an external drive.

How to Set Up Lightroom on an External Hard Drive

Overlays used in the featured image are from the Pure Light 2 collection.


As always, feel free to ask a question, by email or by commenting below.

Happy creating!



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  1. thank you Karen!!! I am ordering another external hard drive and will move my Lightroom Catalogs to that hard drive once it arrives. You have been so helpful, I can’t thank you enough. I’ll email if I have any further questions.