Camera Settings for Still Life and Product Photography

Learn your DSLR

Manual Mode

Manual Mode - I get quite a reaction when I utter those words! Most of us are so afraid of it our camera is set permanently on auto mode. 

You can get some pretty great shots on auto with our high tech cameras these days.

So why bother?

Camera Settings for Still Life and Lifestyle Photography

Understand your Camera Settings

Learn how to set the mood with camera settings


Determine ISO for desired result and available light


Learn depth of field and dreamy backgrounds

Shutter Speed

Use shutter speed to create soft and dreamy or dark and moody imagery

Take control of your photography

Manual mode is where the art is!

 Product photography, fine art photography, lifestyle photography - the overall idea is to stage a scene and create a mood. For product promotion, it is the perfect way to show your products used in everyday life or depict the mood you would like associated with your brand. 

Manual mode allows YOU to be the boss! With it ... you can realize your vision!!

Camera Setting for Still Life and Lifestyle Photography

Backlit image 50mm lens ISO 200 F 2.2 1/250 sec

Get control of your camera now!

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Camera Settings for Still Life and Lifestyle Photography

50mm lens ISO 200 F 3.5 1/100 sec

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