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Fabulous Photography for Instagram: Dreamy Backlit Scenes

Whether you are a small business owner or a hobby photographer, images are an important tool in today’s world. Perhaps you own a DSLR camera and want to learn to shoot in manual mode, or you simply want to learn to take more artistic photos. Then this class is for you! We will set up a still life image, discuss the necessary settings to capture dreamy backlight and tweak our images in the editing process. For your class project, you will be creating 3 images to share on Instagram. We will begin using a simple vase with flowers then include additional props to add detail.

Click here to view the introductory video!

There are three classes in the series ‘Dreamy Backlit Scenes’ now available.

The first, Dreamy Backlit Scenes covers camera settings and light with a simple still life set up.

The second, Adding Detail covers setting up a more complex and engaging still life scene and additional editing processes.

The third, From Above, covers camera settings and design along with editing and Photoshop instruction.

See you in class!