Preparing Images to Sell on Etsy - Creative Biz Academy -

Preparing Images To Sell On Etsy

This down and dirty guide gets your images off your computer and ready for sales


Show Your Work - Sell Your Images

Everything you need to know to get your images ready for sale on Etsy. Learn to size your images correctly, make zip files and image packs. This class will also teach you how to create a label and drag it onto your feature image. 
Keyword and name your images for searchability and SEO.

The Adobe Photography suite; Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, and Bridge is used in this class for a cohesive workflow.

This class has all the tech you need to get it done fast!


Preparing Images to Sell on Etsy - Creative Biz Academy -


Karen Olson - Creative Business Mentor - renukostyle.comGreeting friends! I’m Karen Olson, photographer and creative business mentor who loves to help artists and entrepreneurs navigate technology and craft their own brand presence on the web. I offer online classes and one on one mentoring in photography, WordPress, and computer skills specific to your needs. I want you to have all the tools to manage your own website and tell your story with amazing imagery. I am a patient and kind instructor that has worked with many individuals to do just that.

When you take my classes or work with me, you will learn the skills necessary to confidently move forward and tackle whatever technology hurdle you come across. Learning to advance your own brand gives you the confidence and boldness you need in society today.

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 Preparing Images to Sell on Etsy - Creative Biz Academy -