Still Life Photography Workshop Tuscany - Renuko Style



Can you believe it? I hardly can!!

When Sharon from Arts and Cultural Travel offered to create a still life photography workshop in Italy, well, you can image my response …YES! Of course, yes, yes!!

I am thrilled to be teaching this workshop in October. Harvest time in Tuscany, what could be more perfect?

Still life photography workshop Italy - Renuko Style

Over seven days and six nights, we’re retreating to one of the most beautiful places in the world:
Siena, a city both modern and ancient, bustling and tranquil.
We will be heading out to explore centuries worth of art, architecture, and history.

We’ll explore Florence and visit the Academy of Fine Arts and see Michelangelo’s ‘David.’

We’ll roam the Tuscan countryside in search of inspiration
and forage for props to include in the next day’s shoot.
On the way, we’ll discuss the technical aspects of lifestyle photography.

Back at our private studio, we will be exploring:

Camera settings
Capturing light,
Setting a mood
Art theory and design

We’ll learn about backlight, sidelight, top-down, soft and dreamy, dark and moody.
We’ll practice flower arranging and add a human touch to your photography.

And of course, we’ll reserve plenty of time for you to create and design your own still life imagery with
a gathering of delightful fruits, flowers from the surrounding area.

Still life photography workshop Italy - Renuko Style

Won’t you join me?

We will have the time of our lives!

Head over to the Arts and Cultural Travel Website to register.
Workshop in limited to 12 persons – claim your spot now!

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